Aligned with Common Core Standards

Storm Your Way Through Argumentative Reading and Writing©
Argumentative strategies for reading comprehension and writing
grades 2 - 10

Reading fluency, which emphasizes rate, is clearly the pathway towards reading comprehension. But in itself, it is not enough. Both fluency and comprehension strategies, skills, and techniques should be emphasized concurrently during instruction.

STORM YOUR WAY THROUGH ARGUMENTATIVE READING COMPREHENSION AND WRITING!© provides a system for listening, speaking, close reading and writing. The focus is on increasing argument and informative reading and writing. Strategies for frequent repetition of vital skills such as analysis, synthesis, and relying on using information or evidence drawn from texts is the centerpiece for strengthening students’ skills. Through careful analysis of texts, students will be able to develop well-defended claims through preparation, academic discussion, evidence, and research. It also includes an array, or menu items if you will, of basic comprehension instructional strategies, which move from easy to more challenging and complex tasks. The goal is to develop areas of language: listening, speaking, close reading, and writing simultaneously. Solid comprehension of text transfers to “topic development” in writing.

The instructional strategies included herein can be used through any reading series, chapter books, expository text, or for that matter any type of literature

STORM YOUR WAY THROUGH ARGUMENTATIVE READING COMPREHENSION AND WRITING!© is a comprehensive menu of instructional strategies that can be spiraled for every narrative text such as novels or poems, and expository texts such as articles or any nonfiction work. These instructional strategies are arranged to offer a multitude of opportunities for rhetorical discussion, debate, analysis, annotating, inferring, summarizing and much more. Students practice how to take positions, make claims, support their claims with evidence, and write about it in a comprehensive way.

Duration: 3 1/2 hours



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