Aligned with Common Core Standards
Take Rewarding Revisions by Storm! ™
“Incredible!” is the comment made by teachers after attending this outstanding professional development opportunity. Often time students believe that editing and revising means rewriting their composition onto a clean copy while not having made any alterations to the final draft. In this session, teachers learn to teach students to revise and integrate vivid language, sentence variety and fluency, active voice, organization; develop their ideas through using “precise revising techniques.” The presenter fine-tunes the writing strategies taught in the initial “foundations” course by drilling down to more specific instruction in the area of revising, editing and using writing traits. Teachers receive instruction in building automaticity together with integrating writer’s crafts into compositions. Attendees are provided with a Write Up A Storm!® - Take Rewarding Revisions by Storm!© teachers’ manual.

Duration: 6 1/2 hours



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