Aligns with Common Core Standards for Reading and Writing Comprehension
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It has been a common practice of content area teachers to exclusively emphasize content information with little integration of reading and writing strategies into their curriculum. Many content area teachers regard writing and reading strategies as separate and isolated practices that do not play a role in their teaching practices. We know through research that writing is integral to the thinking process and is a way to cement learning of concepts.

Take Expository Reading and Writing by Storm!® has been developed to provide content teachers with the information and tools they need to teach students to comprehend complex texts, participate in close analysis of said text, that is, deliberately rereading for the purpose of probing and pondering meanings of individual words, the order in which sentences unfold, and the development of ideas over the course of the text. In addition, tools will be provided for students to write evidentiary compositions that reflect close analysis of text, well-defended claims, and clear information through writing applications such as: argumentative, opinion, explanatory, and informational pieces. “Writing to Learn”, a text dependent practice for drawing evidence from text/s to support analysis, reflection, and research, is purposely targeted throughout the system. With secondary teachers in mind, the lessons are filled with scaffolds and strategies that will facilitate learning to increase reading comprehension and domain specific content knowledge for students. More importantly, it complements and dove-tails with the Foundations Course system designed for English Language Arts. When content area teachers and language arts teachers simultaneously implement Write Up A Storm!®, a support system for both of the curricular domains emerges resulting in added support for students in writing and an increase in content knowledge and achievement.

The book is a compilation of teaching strategies and activities that content area teachers can use to ensure students are indeed reading closely, are internalizing content information, are improving their reading skills so that subject matter is more comprehensible, and are improving their expository writing skills reflecting text dependent skills and evidentiary writing. These strategies can be used with short or longer texts. Speaking and listening strategies foster substantive discussions around grade-level topics and texts. These strategies and activities can be used in whole class, group, partner, or individual settings. Attendees are provided with a Write Up A Storm!® - Take Expository Reading and Writing by Storm!© teacher’s manual.

Duration: 6 Hours


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