Aligned with Common Core Standards
Response to Literature and Expository Text / Guided Comprehension ©
In this popular interactive workshop, teachers learn how to write a variety of applications while using literature and expository text as the reading source. Applications for both literature and expository text include argumentative, informational, explanatory, opinion writing. Teachers will learn how to use fictional literature and expository text as a springboard for writing using comprehension, analysis, and synthesizing tools such as annotation, marginalia, note taking, summarizing, and relying on information or evidence from texts. Teachers will actually experience what their students encounter by interacting and practicing the writing applications expected of students. The strategies that the teacher will learn will create outstanding literacy experiences for their students that will help increase achievement. Participants consistently describe this session as “transforming” and “one of the most effective and useful” workshops they have ever attended.

Duration: 6 hours



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