Aligns with Common Core Standards
Lesson Plans and Activities to Increase Writing Proficiency ©
The Foundation Course of the Write Up A Storm!® Writing system is research-based Lesson Plans and Activities to Increase Writing Proficiency K–12 ©.

The Foundation courses provide teachers with instruction to build competent and confident writers. This systematic and comprehensive system addresses three large categories of the Common Core Writing Standards including sub-components such as: Writing Process, Applications (Argumentative, Opinion, Explanatory, Informational, Narrative, and more), and Elements of Writing. The lesson plans within the program spiral horizontally throughout the school year building on itself. Students are expected to apply previously learned concepts and be able to control interactions with new concepts, thus avoiding the “isolated” lesson syndrome. Scaffolds are embedded throughout the lesson plans as well as the integration of the six components of writing. The program spirals vertically from grade level to grade level - Kindergarten through the 12th grade. Attendees of professional development are provided with a grade level “Write Up A Storm!”® teacher’s manual containing instructions and lesson plans for the entire school year. The material (social content) has been approved by the State of California Department of Education for use in the classroom.

Duration: 6 ½ Hours



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