Aligns with Common Core Standards
English Language Development ©
This system weaves key concepts from research-based strategies such as SIOP and SEI into daily writing for even the newest English learner. This system offers instruction in both whole class and small group. It focuses on various critical strategies such as sentence structure, vocabulary development, academic language, grammar, phonemic awareness, listening, speaking, reading and writing comprehension, to name a few. These elements are essential to producing concise, coherent writing. In addition, it helps teachers to support the emergent writer, which in turn builds confidence and gives the student a successful start. It systematically leads the students to more proficient levels of writing. In this session, all participants will experience obstacles their students may face by actively participating in a lesson. This program is designed for classroom teachers to use for second language learners and students who struggle with issues such as word order, sentence structure, etc. Teachers will learn how to best provide instruction at each emergent writer’s level. Attendees are provided with a Write Up A Storm!® English Language Development © teacher’s manual containing instructions and lesson plans. An optional reusable “writing kit” is available for student use in the classroom. This program dove-tails with the Foundations Course - Lesson Plans and Activities to Increase Writing Proficiency© and is a must for emergent writers and English Learner.

Duration: 6 ½ Hours



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