Aligns with Common Core Standards
ELD – Connecting English Learners to Literature and Expository Text
It is difficult for English learners to follow along with literature or expository text and feel like they have really participated in a lesson or even comprehended what they have read. Most of the time, English learners sit quietly pretending to comprehend the lesson. Teachers feel frustrated because they feel they are neglecting the English learners and that the students are not making any gains. In this session, the presenter provides teachers with step-by-step lesson plans for front-loading English learners with text dependent reading, comprehension strategies, evidentiary work where students rely on using information or evidence drawn from texts, and specific writing applications such as opinion, argumentative, informational, and explanatory. The presenter will provide strategies for developing oral and written language. The session includes but is not limited to the following: pre-teaching vocabulary, retelling, writing sound sentences and summarizing.

Duration: 6 Hours



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