Professional Development and Coaching for Writing
“Write Up A Storm!”® provides support through professional development, demonstration lessons, and coaching for all levels of personnel: district level administrators, principals, leaders, teachers and support staff. Cognitive and reflective coaching are implemented in an effort to increase teacher competence. According to research, “Professional development workshops must be supported by modeling and coaching in order to attain a higher degree of effectiveness.“ Darling-Hammond and McLaughlin; Elmore and Burney; Guskey; Joyce and Showers, 2000.

With keeping this research in mind, and in an effort to maximize instructional time and to increase student achievement, not only should teachers receive professional development on “Write Up A Storm!”®, teachers must also exercise research-based best practices and instructional strategies. While it is important to implement a systematic writing program, it is also important to ensure that teachers are delivering the information with the utmost efficiency.

Implementation of practices advocated in staff development workshops is most effective when professional development includes both staff training activities and staff support activities. Guskey notes that few teachers can go from workshop to practice without experimentation, classroom-based modeling, and other follow-up support. Additionally, teachers must be helped to endure and persist past the anxiety of initial failures.

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There is concrete research linking staff development and student achievement.

Note that “a growing body of research shows that improving teacher knowledge and teaching skills is essential to raising student performance.”

D. Sparks and S. Hirsh, A National Plan for Improving Professional Development, 2000, 1, ERIC. ED 442779.

Duration: On-going pursuant to district-wide or school-site plan


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