Irrefutable evidence derived from observations, years of experience, case studies, and data show that students consistently fall short in the very foundations of writing. While it is every writing teacher’s dream for students to be able to write with control over the basics such as conventions, grammar, sentence fluency, organization, and topic development, too many students fall short in one or more of the components. To complicate matters students are challenged with the task of accurately using the aforementioned skills in basic writing applications such as narratives, arguments, opinions, explanations, and the use of explicit vocabulary. The truth is the majority of students are not exhibiting independence, proficiency, and fluency with most of these skills. Write Up A Storm!® Foundation Courses , Lesson Plans and Activities to Increase Writing Proficiency provides strategies and techniques to close the gap. It not only includes grammar and conventions instruction but provides very explicit instruction in narrative elements, argumentative elements which requires close analysis and synthesis of sources, writing well-defended claims, explaining and informing, and relying on information or evidence drawn from texts.



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